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Boeken van Maurice Stucke

Maurice Stucke
Breaking Away
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Breaking Away sounds a warning call alerting readers that their privacy and autonomy concerns are indeed warranted, and the remedies deserve far greater attention than they have received from our leading policymakers and experts to date. Meer
Ariel Ezrachi Maurice Stucke
Virtual Competition
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Shoppers with a bargain-hunting impulse and internet access can find a universe of products at their fingertips. Meer
Ariel Ezrachi Maurice Stucke
Virtual Competition – The Promise and Perils of the Algorithm–Driven Economy
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Maurice Stucke Alan Grunes
Big Data and Competition Policy
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Big Data and Big Analytics are a big deal today. Big Data is playing a pivotal role in many companies' strategic decision-making. Companies are striving to acquire a 'data advantage' over rivals. Meer

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