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Principles of Business Economics

Paperback Engels 2006 9780273693062
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The second edition of this highly successful 'Principles of Business Economics' gives undergraduates, MBA students or aspiring managers a clear and concise text that covers all aspects of an introductory course in microeconomics. Core concepts are covered whilst keeping technical jargon and mathematics to a minimum.

- Conclusions, key learning points and topics for discussion have been provided throughout to stimulate thinking, consolidate learning and put theory into practice.
- There is a wealth of international applications with activity questions illustrating how the theory is applied in real-world situations.
- A comprehensive glossary to help students understand terminology.

New to this edition:
- NEW:Additional case studies from international markets, help students to understand the ‘bigger picture’.
- NEW:Material on the government’s role and intervention in economics keeps students up to date with important policy changes.
- NEW:An instructor’s manual to help save lecturers time in preparing for techniques and seminars.
- Updatedweb resources for both lecturers and students at www.pearsoned.co.uk/nellisparker
- PowerPoints slides and an instructor’s manual are available for university lecturers.
- Guidance notes for students are given to help answer the topics for discussion included at the end of each chapter.


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Uitgever:Prentice Hall


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1. Business economics: an overview
2. The analysis of consumer demand
3. The analysis of production costs
4. Analysis of the firm's supply decision
5. Demand, supply and price determination
6. Analysis of perfectly competitive markets
7. Analysis of monopoly markets
8. Analysis of monopolistically competitive markets
9. Oligopoly
10. Managerial objectives and the firm
11. Understanding competitive strategy
12. Understanding pricing strategies
13. Understanding the market for labour
14. Understanding the market for capital
15. Understanding the market for natural resources
16. Government and business
17. Business and economic forecasting
18. Business economics - a checklist for managers

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        Principles of Business Economics