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Surrounded by Vampires

Or, How to Slay the Time, Energy and Soul Suckers in Your Life

Paperback Engels 2023 9781785043994
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From the Sunday Times and international bestselling author of Surrounded by Idiots
-- Do conversations with certain people leave you feeling depleted or exhausted?
-- Do you have colleagues who take a lot of your time but don't actually do - or contribute - much?
-- Are there people in your life who diminish you through their words, actions or inactions?
You could be surrounded by Vampires! International bestselling author Thomas Erikson will help you recognize and deal with the three most common Vampires that exist to take not give:
Time Suckers -- these are the Vampires who waste your time. Typically, they expect you to do all the work while they take all the credit or they require an outsized amount of your time while giving back little to nothing.
Energy Suckers -- these are the Vampires who suck out your energy and your passion. When you are around them, even for short periods of time, you leave with less energy than you started with, because they suck that energy right out of you. Energy Suckers feed on your passion, ideas and talents then leave you with nothing left.
Soul Suckers -- these are the worst Vampires of all. Be they family, friends or co-workers, Soul Suckers use you for their own gain and, consciously or unconsciously, make you feel smaller every chance they get. They are the people in your life who don't support you and constantly tell you what you can't do, why you are going to fail, how you aren't the right person, why you are fooling yourself, and more.
Aside from Human Vampires there are also Habit Vampires. Social media can be a time, energy and soul sucker. Addiction, negative thinking, inaction, procrastination and more -- all these things can suck the very life right out of you!
Fortunately, no Human or Habit Vampire can survive when the sun shines on them. With the help of the behavioural model made famous in Surrounded by Idiots, Thomas Erikson will help you spot the Vampires around you and find your light to vanish their influence for good.


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        Surrounded by Vampires