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The dirty tricks of negotiating

discover the rules of negotiation and improve your skills

Paperback Nederlands 2014 9789461261229
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It might be for a contract worth millions of dollars or just for your kid's allowance. Whether you like it or not, you negotiate every day of your life.
But do you really know what you are doing? Do you know the rules of the game, or are you just winging it? After a deal has been struck, most people feel like they got the short-end of the stick, or sometimes like they have been cheated or tricked.
Expert negotiator George van Houtem teaches in a step-by-step approach the tricks of the trade. He explains the techniques and strategies that happen during negotiations, and how pitfalls can be avoided. Van Houtem explains how you can gain control and steer negotiations to your advantage. After reading The Dirty Tricks of Negotiating you'll master the art of negotiation and never be tricked again. Instead, you'll be using the tricks.
- The bogey
- The nibble
- The bait
- The good cop and the bad cop
- And many others
George van Houtem is a partner at Holland Consulting Group and co-director of the HCG Negotiation Institute. He mediates international conflicts and teaches negotiation skills and techniques.


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Over George van Houtem

George van Houtem is vennoot van Holland Consulting Group en mededirecteur van het HCG Onderhandelingsinstituut. Hij begeleidt onderhandelingen en traint en coacht op onderhandelingsvaardigheden en technieken. George is auteur van de bestsellers De dirty tricks van het onderhandelen en Onderhandelen als het heet wordt.

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        The dirty tricks of negotiating