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Ethnic Religious Minorities in Iran

Gebonden Engels 2023 9789811916328
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This book explores the experiences of the ethnic and religious minorities of Iran, such as Jews, Yarsani, Christian, Sabean Mandaean, Bahai, Zoroastrian, Baluch, Kurd, and others and provides a historical overview of their position in society before and after the 1979 Islamic revolution and highlights their contribution to the country's history, diversity, and development. It also focuses on the historical, sociopolitical, and economic factors that affected the minorities' development during the last century.

Author Behnaz Hosseini has shaped this book with authentic material and has assembled the experiences and opinions of academics of diverse backgrounds who approach the minorities’ issues in Iran in a constructive and ingenious way: from debating their efforts to preserve their identity and cultural heritage and ensure their survival to discussing their relations with the majority and other minorities, the role of religion in everyday life, and their contribution to the rich cultural history of Iran.


Trefwoorden:religie, minderheden, Iran
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Chapter 1. Religious and Ethnic Minorities in Iran: An Introduction.
Chapter 2. Iranian Constitution Under Pro-Center Dogmatic Authoritarianism and Pro-Persian Cosmopolitanism, and Its Impacts on Ethno-sectarian and Ethno-linguistic Minorities.
Chapter 3. Sectarianism and National Cohesion Sunni Political Activism in Iran.
Chapter 4. The Role of Asheqs in Maintaining and Promoting the Culture of Khorasan’s Kurds.
Chapter 5. Porkhani and Ishani: Women Healers in the Turkmen Community in Iran.
Chapter 6. Iranian Jews’ Tendency to Religious Visibility and Adapted Coexistence.
Chapter 7. Demographic Aspects of Iranian Immigrants’ Integration in Israel.
Chapter 8. An Islamized Mandaeism: Examining the Impacts of Shia Muslims on the Religionism of the Iranian Mandaeans.
Chapter 9. The Contemporary Collective Identity of Zoroastrians in Tehran: Between the Strategies of Dichotomization and Complementarization.
Chapter 10. Sociological Analysis of Social Trust in the Zoroastrian Community in Tehran.
Chapter 11. Transformation and Appropriation of Religion: A Case of Yārsāni Community in Iran.

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        Ethnic Religious Minorities in Iran