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Better practices of project management based on IPMA competences

E-book Pdf met watermerkbeveiliging Engels 2016 9789401806275
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This is the revised edition of the first text book in English specially developed for training for IPMA-D and IPMA-C exams, now based on Version 4 of the ICB.

In this 4th edition, the text has been restructured and extended to align with the structure and scope of the competence elements in the ICB version 4, divided into Practice competences, People competences and Perspective competences. Therefore, this book will be essential guidance and study book for everyone studying for the IPMA-D, IPMA-C and IPMA-B exams. Besides that, it is an extremely rich source book for those project managers that have committed themselves to a lifelong professional development.

In addition, the book had to be applicable to groups of project managers originating from diverse cultures. For this reason, this is not a book that tells how a Westerner must behave in an Arab or an Asian country, but one that looks at the different subjects covered in the ICB, as seen from diverse cultural standpoints.

Each chapter is based on the same structure: Key concepts, Introduction, Actions that lead to competence development, Self-assessment, Special topics, Assignments. Text boxes, additional to the main text, give additional explanation to the main text.

An elaborate Index of terms allows that this book can be used as a highly up-to-date information source to all aspects of project management.

Next to that all, a web-site is available with videos, discussion fora on specific topics, and the opportunity to discuss with the author.


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Better practices of project management
Henny Portman | 15 november 2016
Better Practices of Project Management van John Hermarij geeft in de inleiding aan dat dit boek, in tegenstelling tot het hiervoor beschreven boek, de gehele ICB4 omvat, dus zowel de gebieden project-, programma als portfoliomanagement.
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Wees de eerste die een lezersrecensie schrijft!

Over John Hermarij

John Hermarij is visionair, ideoloog en trendwatcher. Heeft sinds 1980 ervaring met projectmanagement en sinds 2000 werkt hij als adviseur/trainer bij Dhirata. Hij is actief in Europa, Afrika en het Arabisch Schiereiland. John heeft een inspirerende, interculturele kijk op projectmanagement. Hij is de auteur van 'Better Practices of Projectmanagement'.

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Foreword 4th edition
Foreword 2nd and 3rd edition


A. Practice
A1 Design
A2 Requirements, objectives and benefits
A3 Scope
A4 Time
A5 Organization and information
A6 Quality
A7 Finance
A8 Resources
A9 Procurement and partnership
A10 Plan and control
A11 Risk and opportunity
A12 Stakeholders
A13 Change and transformation
A14 Select and balance

B. People
B1 Self-reflection and self-management
B2 Personal integrity and reliability
B3 Personal communication
B4 Relations and engagement
B5 Leadership
B6 Teamwork
B7 Conflict and crisis
B8 Resourcefulness
B9 Negotiation
B10 Result orientation

C. Perspective
C1 Strategy
C2 Governance, structures and processes
C3 Compliance, standards and regulations
C4 Power and interest
C5 Culture and values


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        Better practices of project management based on IPMA competences